With huge, global audiences means Facebook & Instagram are key marketing platforms for just about every business.

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Facebook and Instagram are the two largest social media platforms where everyone, including your customers, spends many hours every day, browsing, connecting and learning about new products and services. A combination of the two networks garners billions of users worldwide and that means there are a lot of people just waiting to hear from you and act on what your business has to offer.

Don’t spend another day missing out on the massivenumber of potential customers!

If you are not utilizing social media as part of your advertising strategy your business is missing out on a large, targeted marketplace of potential buyers and your competition is ready to capitalize on your missed opportunity. Social advertising is no longer straight forward as it used to be. There are very specific rules and policies as well as ad formats and placement options to consider. Don't forget creating compelling ads that engage and compel people to take action.

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What can Social Media Advertising do for Your Business?

Investing in paid social media advertising to expose your business, product or service is a surefire way to generate excitement for your business. Working with the marketing experts at Colorado Digital Experts your chances of attracting the right customers are multiplied and the results will be evident.

Why Social Media Advertising Works

The reason savvy businesses and digital marketers rely on Facebook and Instagram for advertising is due to the large number of users that can be reached and the ability to exactly target their ideal customers. Targeting the right audience increases your chances of conversion when someone lands on your website. With the ability to choose from a diverse set of ad formats, leverage comprehensive analytic data, and using targeted placement we can structure your campaign for success!

Below are just a few of the benefits of Paid Social Media Advertising:

Get up and running fast

You won’t need to wait long until your campaign is up and running. The set-up of your social media ads is fast, effective, and in a few weeks, you will be getting more traffic, engagement, calls, and sales.

Target your perfect audience

Social media advertising allows you to laser focus your audience to attract the best customers. Running a local or national campaign? Want to target specific interests? Using social media is the most effective way to accomplish this.

Data, analytics & reporting

With social media advertising we monitor and detect what drives more clicks and conversions to your ads. We can quickly optimize and fine-tune your content, targeting and ad types to attract and convert more of your potential customers.

Cost effective

No matter the budget at hand, a little goes a long way. You can reach thousands of users and thanks to the high engagement levels Facebook & Instagram the cost per click is substantially lower when compared with other advertising channels.

Let Colorado Digital Experts Manage your Social Media Campaigns, and Focus on Where Your Business Needs You Most!

From the beginning of set-up to content tracking and optimization, your campaign will receive the best support and techniques from start to finish. Our team of specialists will work with you to design the best and most profitable strategies for your business, no matter the size of your company or what marketing stage you are in, we are here to help. The most rewarding part of our job is collaborating with our clients and watching as their business grows and becomes successful as a result of our team’s efforts.

Why Choose Colorado Digital Experts?

However big or small your marketing budget is, Colorado Digital Experts will confer the best and most profitable strategies for your Facebook and Instagram advertisements. Contact one of the skilled team members to get started on your paid ad campaigns.

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