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What Is Display Advertising?

Simply put, display advertising is an online image-based advertisement. It is also commonly referred to as “banner ads.” While it’s true that a traditional banner ad is a familiar form of display advertising, modern display advertising agencies like Colorado Digital Experts know there’s more to it than that.

The days of using display advertising ads to get a massive influx of traffic to your website are over. The modern consumer is inundated with marketing messages and it takes more exposure and visibility to get their attention. These types of ads are still effective but must be used in specific ways to be successful.

Our expertise is your advantage. With a properly planned and executed display advertising campaign, your business can:

1. Communicate based on location

2. Target specific segments of consumers

3. Drive more traffic to your website and generate qualified leads

4. Reach more potential customers and build brand awareness

5. Retarget prospective customers who have previously visited your website

How Does Display Advertising Work?

We work directly with you to design effective display ads that capture the essence of your business, your brand, your products, and services. Then, we work with leading display advertising networks, to make sure your ads receive optimal placement based on your desired goals. This ensures that your marketing budget will create the biggest impact.

In short, we place the best display ads in front of your potential customers at the right time to get you more and better traffic.

What Is Video Advertising?

Everyone is familiar with the concept of TV commercials and it works well for some businesses with larger budgets and a broader audience. However, at Colorado Digital Experts know that there are better ways to use video and it’s all online.

We can help get your videos in front of your target audience through our video partners. Forget about costly and limiting TV commercials, your business can have success with video advertising and we can show you how.

With a properly planned and executed video advertising campaign, your business can:

1. Build brand awareness fast

2. Drive engagement in ways that other ads can’t

3. Leave a lasting first impression on potential customers

4. Put your business in front of the right people at the right time

How Does Video Advertising Work?

Once your video is ready, we work directly with you to set your campaign goals and prepare your video ads to reach the right audience. By working with our video advertising partners, we’re able to put your video ads in front of your audience at the right time. Our video placement strategy targets viewers by geo-location, interests, and demographics to ensure that your ads maximize your budget. We can even do video re-targeting and use your CRM database to target specific groups of people with select messages. There are many possibilities to explore!

Why Choose Colorado Digital Experts?

The world of digital marketing is filled with low-quality, low-effort and sometimes downright unethical so-called “marketers.” At Colorado Digital Experts, we take our name – and your marketing budget – seriously. We won’t lock you into working with us by taking ownership of your online ad accounts (yes, it really does happen) or waste your money on tactics that don’t work. Instead, we focus on effectively managing your monthly marketing budget and turning your display and video advertising campaigns into profit-making machines for your business.

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